We can provide expert support and guidance for clients looking to develop their sales and market opportunities through strategic analysis of their processes and finances. This service will start with an introductory meeting to discuss areas of concern and clients specific targets to develop a plan to achieve these. Some of the key services we can support clients with are:

– Mystery Shopper Visits/Audits
– SMART plan
– ACTION plan
– Change Management
– Staff Development
– Team Motivation
– Reviewing business processes
– Creating a business development roadmap
– Defining organisational strategy
– Developing a marketing plan to increase sales and awareness


We are going to start this service by understanding each client’s current marketing activity, their engagement and conversion rates and their budget. Using this information, we can then put together an action plan to manage the business as usual campaigns or develop marketing strategies to support new product launches. An important sub-segment of marketing consultancy services is the Mystery Shopping for audit/inspection purposes.

Most of the retailers require Mystery Shopping services for the evaluation and assessment of their ongoing operations for acquiring significant customer feedback data on both products and employee relations. Budgeting such services, organising the mystery shopper audit/reports, the frequency of inspections, analysis of feedback data and the implementation of the betterment strategies will all be within our service scope.


The focus of this service is streamlining the day to day operation and management and improving efficiencies and the customer experience through quality control. We are focusing on day to day operations, customer interaction and how it is managed, business support services and the complete customer journey process.

Our goal is to optimise performance & maintain quality through Human Resources Management submodules such are Employee Recruitment & Selection, Employee Training & Development, 360° Performance Evaluation



We are keen to find new sales channels for clients and manage the processes to establish supply relationships and secure deals. We can use our vast knowledge of different business models, languages and customer service and brand experience to guide all sales campaigns

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We are ambitioned team that knows how to deliver the best results for our clients. We do our work in the highest priority



We offer wide range of business development services in London, United Kingdom. We have many years of experience in Retail & Hospitality & Education & Human Resources & Finance background. We have a dynamic, young, fast, responsive team and we would like to assist you about Business development services such as SWOT Analysis, Action Plan, SMART Plan, Mystery Shopper Visits, Audit/Inspection Reports, Team Recruitment & Selection, Strategic Management, Operational Management, 360° Performance Evaluation, Team Motivation and Staff Training.

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